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Negotiate & Manage Service Agreements

We treat your business as if it were our own. Breaking down all costs associated with waste expenses and leverage the buying power of our collective group of high-quality clients to produce exceptional results. Bell’s agreement language protects your assets while locking in long-term competitive pricing.

Best-in-Class Service

When there is an issue at a site, we work 24/7 to resolve as quickly as possible. Our support team helps facilitate and coordinate all service adjustments to ensure a smooth transition with minimal business interruption. Having one number to call for all waste related needs saves a tremendous amount of time and energy for your organization.

Implement Sustainability Procedures

We design customized programs to help implement greater efficiency in waste handling procedures, reduction of landfill volumes through diversion opportunities, and additional cost-effective recycling options that increase commodity rebates.

Customized Reporting

Bell Environmental believes the road to success is followed by measuring results in a timely, detailed, yet quickly informative manner. 


We realize that an abundance of data does not always paint the picture needed by Senior Management.  The details are important, but reports must be user friendly giving Senior Management the tools to manage.

Streamline Invoice Auditing

Our skilled team reviews and audits every invoice to ensure waste haulers are in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement. Without this challenge and oversight, haulers are able to charge ambiguous fees. Bell will work with your accounting team to create seamless payment processing methods, including custom billing spreadsheets.

Savings Generated

All accounts are different, but double-digit percentage savings is the standard.  Bell conducts a comprehensive analysis of the solid waste and recycling programs at your locations: service levels, equipment involved, names of current vendors, contract status and current spend to provide extensive savings.

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